Information about Operation of Lviv Institute PJSC "HEI "IAPM"

Lviv Institute of Private Joint-Stock Company “Higher education institution “Interregional Academy of Personnel Management”, later  Institute, is an isolated structural unit of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management ( in the form of Private Joint-Stock Company).

      Lviv Institute PJSC “HEI “IAPM” is secured by certificates about accreditation: Series HI-II № 1172517, sphere (speciality) 0304 Law 6.030401 Science of Law by the II (second) degree, term to 01.07.2019; Series HI-II № 1158643, sphere (speciality) 0306 Management and Administration 6.030601 Management by the II (second) degree, term to 01.07.2018.

      In 2017-2018 Lviv Institute has received licences for conducting educational activities in the sphere of  higher education in training specialists of the first (bachelor) degree in specialities 053 Psychology (order of MES from 21.06.2018 № 1352- L), 242 Torism (order of MES from 13.06.2018 № 1253- L), 081 Law (order of MES from 09.11.2017 № 223- L), 072 Finance, banking and  insurance (order of MES from 21.07.2017 № 160 – L), and also in training specialists of the second (master) degree in specialities 073 Management ( order of MES from 28.12.2017 № 512 –L), 081 Law ( order of MES from 24.04.2017 № 86-L).

      Educational process in licence specialities is provided by the teachers and professors of 6 departments in the Institute: department of social and humanities and  fundamental courses, economics, management, law, finance courses, psychology, 4 of which is graduating.

      Educational and vocational programme of training specialists of the second (masters degree) degree of higher education in speciality 053 Psychology is developed in accordance with standards of Law of Ukraine “About higher education” and is conformed to the first (bachelor) degree of higher education.

      Educational and vocational programme of masters degree in speciality 053 Psychology determines scope, normative term of training, demands to the level of individuals education, which can start the training by this programme, list of subject matters and logical succession of their studing, number of credits of ECTS, necessary for accomplishment of this programme, and also expected results of training (competence), which the specialist of the first (bachelor) degree of higher education has to master. The goal of programme is training the graduating student, who possesses the set of personal qualities, cultural and professional competences.