General information about the department of psychology

The Department of Law of the Lviv Institute of the Private Joint-Stock Company "Higher Educational Institution" Interregional Academy of Personnel Management" was established in 1998. The department is an important center of educational, research and social work. 

The educational process is carried out in order to train highly qualified specialists in the field of jurisprudence, education of respect for the chosen profession, raising the general level of culture and worldview, formation and implementation of progressive innovations in the educational process.

The research activity of the department is carried out in the field of studying current issues in the field of jurisprudence, finding ways to solve existing problems of legal science, establishing and disseminating all-Ukrainian and international relations in the main areas and issues of the department.

Teachers of the department systematically publish scientific articles, methodological developments, textbooks, monographs, participate in international, national and regional scientific conferences. 

The social expediency of the department is determined by the need for intellectual and spiritual development of youth, the need for national revival, statehood and democratization of society, providing the region with highly qualified personnel.

In the process of training specialists in the educational program "Law" provides a systematic study of the basics of law in the new social environment. The educational process is adapted to the conditions of the western region of Ukraine. It is aimed at the formation of qualified lawyers and provides on the basis of quality methodological support, modern programs for mastering the knowledge of learning a significant amount of theoretical knowledge and the formation of practical skills of a modern specialist.

The purpose of professional activity of teachers of the department is practical training of highly qualified professionals who have thorough theoretical knowledge in the field of administrative, financial, civil, criminal, economic, labor and other areas of law and practical skills in the field of jurisprudence.

The main task is to form a specialist with fundamental and special legal knowledge, deeply convinced of the exclusive purpose of law and legality for society, skillfully uses legal tools in solving legal problems in the name of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. 

The main activities of the department to improve the organization of the educational process are:

• increasing the efficiency of the process of assimilation of knowledge, skills and abilities by students through ensuring the proper use of new forms of teaching staff, innovative teaching aids and teaching methods;

• introduction of the latest learning technologies into the educational process;

• effective use of modern teaching aids;

• ensuring constant relations with institutions, enterprises, organizations where graduates of the institute work in order to analyze the state of training and take into account its results in the further improvement of educational and methodological activities.

The staff of the Department of Law is fruitfully working on updating training courses, their methodological and visual support, methodological research of the learning process, scientific development of topical issues of legal science.

An important area of work is research work of students. Ways to implement this work: participation in conferences, scientific seminars, competitions, writing student research papers, etc.

The department has two student research groups:

- "Anti-corruption activity", the head is G. Ya Pryshlyak. Ph.D., associate professor

- "Actual problems of certain branches of law of Ukraine" – Ph.D., Associate Professor M.I. Grab

At the Department of Law there is a student advisory center of the Lviv Institute of PJSC "IAPM" – "Legal Clinic" (headed by Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department Yavorskaya V.G.), a local branch of the Lviv Institute of PJSC "University" IAPM, Student League, All-Ukrainian public organization Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.

Teachers of the department annually organize the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Actual issues of legal science", which discusses the problems and fundamental issues of law, historical, theoretical and philosophical problems of legal science, problems and prospects of law in Ukraine, improving legislation, prospects legal reforms, formation and development of basic state institutions, economic prospects of society in the formation of market relations and the rule of law, philosophical, legal and psychological problems of implementation of legal norms in today's conditions, prospects for the development of the linguistic component of legal science.

Teachers of the department hold scientific seminars on criminal law, administrative law and anti-corruption issues on the regular basis.

At the conference and in the collections published as a result of each year, reports of more than 50 students of various specialties and forms of education of the Lviv Institute of PJSC "HEI "MAUP", as well as students and young scientists of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, Lviv Ivan Franko National University, National University "Lviv Polytechnic", Lviv S. Gzhytsky National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology.

Scientific and methodological developments of scientific and pedagogical workers are regularly published in various publications in the specialty. Scientific developments are used to prepare legal educational and methodological literature.

The department is located at the address: Lviv, Mazepa street, 29, educational building № 2. 

An appropriate auditorium fund and material and technical base have been created for conducting educational activities in the specialty 081 "Law" at the Lviv Institute of PJSC "HEI IAPM ". There is a library and reading room, computer classes, etc. for law students. The library, being a scientific, teaching, information, cultural and educational center, provides scientific, educational, reference and statistical literature, information materials, the educational process, students, teachers and staff of the institute. The library readers have a subscription and a reading room at their disposal.